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A guy from China

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Hello! Introduction Forum

Hopefully, this will be the first forum you look at, even if you do not post an introduction.

These are the rules for Newbie Members:

1. Read the Forum Rules prior to posting anywhere on this site.
2. Do not advertise in any way, including using an avatar or in your signature.
3. Post your question or comment in the appropriate forum, when posting a new topic.
4. The "Introduction Threads" forum is only for introductions. It is not for general conversation.
5. Newbie Members are not allowed to add links or email addresses in their posts or signatures.
6. Be an active member here, and you will have additional permissions and privileges after 50 successful posts.

And, it certainly is not the place for an ad that has been approved ONLY for the classified ads forum. People, I will not keep telling members to keep specific topics in specific forums. This is ONLY for introductions.
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