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Tagbilaran Immigration office for 59 day extension

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I’m moving to Bohol on May 1st, my 59 day visa expires May 19th. Would I be better off extending it before I move to Bohol at the Mandaue office here in Cebu or would it be better to do in in Tagbilaran.

I guess my question is does the Tagbilaran office provide the same services and do everything the Cebu office does?

Also when my first year here is up on July 20 do I need to fly out and return to start over or will they just keep extending it for up to 1.5 years?



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No the Tagbilaran Office doesn't do what Cebu can do, for example you cannot apply for a 13a Visa via the Tagbilaran Office.  Here is a link  - you can call them and make sure what they can and can't do




You might want to ask about how long you can stay, I thought it was a few months over a year - but I may be wrong

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You can get extensions up to 16 months without problems. After that, you need special permission from Manila to extend further, so 16 months is the realistic limit before you need to take a flight out.

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