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The possibility of a missile launch by North Korea is very high


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With every threat he makes, he is just digging himself into a deeper hole. Sooner or later he is either going to have to loose face or carry out his threats. It makes you wonder where he is going with all of this. I'm just surprised that his military leaders aren't telling him to back off. The older ones remember the Korean war and know what can happen. China might not be around this time to back them up. They are already starting to distance themselves from the little puke.

That's how a dictatorship works.  He gathers his most trusted generals around him and after a while, he picks one to be executed for making treasonous remarks.  The others maybe know this was true but they can't know if it was false.  They assume one of their peers ratted the guy out so now they are afraid to discuss any kind of coup attempt.  They become loyal to the death because they see that as their only option.

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North Korea is surrounded by allies so you can't hit them with nuclear without effecting the surrounding nations...... And they know it.!

If the North Launch into the South this will be a  huge killing field.  People that keep saying that the north will be wiped out forget the death toll and how bad the south will be destroyed.  The nor

I'm not against proper retaliation but only a conventional one,,,,,,,,,,,at least for starters. If we littered NK with multiple nuke strikes I believe the world would condemn us for " over doing" it. 

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Mr. Mike, on 11 Apr 2013 - 23:26, said: In this particular situation, I do not advocate a preemptive strike! I will even go one step further,,,,,,,,even if Kim managed to nuke one of our cities, I would not advocate a nuclear response, but a massive, conventional one.

Sorry Mike...but that is absolutely crazy. You would follow up mass American casualties with even MORE American casualties? What would be your purpose in doing that? It would be be a recipe for disaster. I absolutely disagree with you.

If he nuked one of our cities I would be very tempted to nuke Pyongyang, however, I don't think that is the only response option. A well planned and executed conventional response might be the better way to go. The gulf war was for the most part over before the ground troops crossed the border.
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