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Hello everyone!

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Hi all! I guess it's about time to post an introduction message, because I have been lurking around the forums for some time now...


I am a Scandinavian man aged 42, living in London, England. I am now visiting the Philippines for my second time. The first trip was a few years ago, when I made a bunch of good friends in Cebu, and I have been in touch with them ever since.


I have been working hard for some time to organize my life such that I am not bound to any particular place of work. Now I have finally achieved that aim, more or less (I work in IT).... And then it was not hard to decide to come back to this crazy, funny, amazing country.


I'm single and into surfing, backpacking, trekking, outdoors activities. I have started learning Cebuano/Visayan.


I am in Cebu just for a couple of months at the moment, but have started toying with the idea to move here permanently, perhaps later this year. The dream is to rent a house or condo, and buy a boat for weekend trips with friends... I have also noticed that the Philippines would make a great base for exploring the rest of SE Asia. Nothing decided yet though..!


All the best,


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Welcome Sven. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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good to have you here! i believe a couple of guys here on the forum have boats so they can give you good advice if you start another thread topic on it. sounds like you got a good plan going so be sure and invite some of us better looking members to your boat parties!





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  Welcome Sven,

                          What do you ride ? Longboard or short? longboards rule!! lol so do old dudes!! :-)) cause I r one!


  I am looking for people to go surfing with!!


   Be Well


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Hey yeah I'm a longboard kind of guy too... Just came back now from a spot of surfing in Calicoan.

Will start some separate threads on surfing in the appropriate place :-)

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