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help with info on how to get exit clearance

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went to Bacolod and while I was there I stopped into immigration and Bacolod does not have the authority to issue ECC,so if you live in Bacolod than be warned that you now have to struggle with finding the truth about do you don't you and can you get it at the airport fiasco as the Bacolod embassy told me better safe than sorry as they have heard of horror stories of people missing their flights due to no ECC.Good luck as I myself am on my way to Cebu next week to visit my expat friend and will get my ECC while there ,maybe I will run into some of you dudes at the ayala mall as I will have a few beers with my friend.I was going to let the travel agent here handle it for me,she wanted 5000php and I asked her for a breakdown of the charges and she said she didn't know even the cost of the ECC itself and couldn't provide me a breakdown of charges,just a receipt for 5000php.No thanks as I put my 5000php back in my wallet, there is more of this story of her incompetence but not in mood to rehash it.

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what color is the background for your 2x2 photos?

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