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need help how much money should i bring

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I had a geat time visting Cebu City, Bohol, Siqjour and Dumaguete over a 7 week period spend about $4000 and wanted for nothing. I could have cut my costs a lot, at least by 1k and still had great time.







i guess i could of worded MY post to read... If your having enough fun you have enough money for what YOU find fun.... Better to bring to much and take some back then too little ... After you spend so much on the airfair and hassles getting here you better have a GREAT TIME>>

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i just returned from cebu

was their 10 days

it was my 4th 10 day trip

it costs me about p4000 a day plus hotel

the pension house was p900 a day

then u have to add in gifts to the new family

if this is ur first trip

i exchanged my money at the airport

the banks r not willing to exchange if no account

an the mall was not a good rate

if u do it on less

you will have to spend wisely

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We have found that the money changer downstairs in the lower supermarket floor of Robinsons mall seems to give one of the best rates in town and if you have larger sums of money to exchange, then they will send someone out to your bank (if you have a local account) to do it there so you do not have to be a target in the street, otherwise you might want to try to do the exchanges a few hundred dollars at a time to play it safe.

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