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Cebu Pacific now accepts ATM cards online

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I wanted to purchase a CP ticket last week, made the reservation and set it up to pay at the bank. Two different BPI branches told me that they haven't been able to successfully transact a CP payment for a while. I tried another bank with similar results. I used to use LBC but they are no longer a selection when setting up the payment.


Back to the CP website and tried another way. They allow any megalink ATM to pay for the ticket online. You enter your ATM number, pin, and the money is drawn directly from your account. I did the transaction on the wife's ATM.




Cebu Pacific now has the ATM number and pin on file. There is no protection on your money when someone uses your ATM. With a credit card you are protected. Anyone with the number and pin can withdraw all the money in the account (up to the daily limit). 


Never use your ATM for an on-line transaction.




We have since changed the pin on the ATM card we used.


Consider yourself warned.

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Your warning applies for all cards, not just ATM.  I have a 'one click' account with Amazon that means my credit card details, pin and security code are stored on their db.  I check my credit card statement on-line frequently.


Interesting that CP accepts ATM cards.  No reason why they shouldn't since they are in fact debit cards but somehow a distinction has always been made here in the PH.  Here is an extract from a response I received from BPI about three years ago after asking them why so few outlets accepted my ATM card.


We thank you for your patronage of our facility E.P.S. or what you term as Debit card payment. We also recognize the need to improve our availability in restaurants and vacation destinations such as Boracay. Our merchants department is working hard at convincing traders to accept debit together with credit.


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Your warning applies for all cards, not just ATM. 


ATM  cards are so much worse than credit cards. With a credit card, fraudulant usage is covered by the credit card company. With an ATM card you are out of luck and the money is gone.


Do you really trust Cebu Pacific and some of their employees with this information?

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