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form 1-130 Petition update

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Hello all. I just filed a petition for my wife for an IR spousal Visa with the US Embassy Tuesday 3/5/2013. Even though there is a "pinned" thread here with some very good but rather dated information I thought I would update everyone. I actually used this "pinned" guideline as a reference when readying the required forms along with the info on the USCIS website and US Embassy website and I daresay what is on this site seemed a bit more informative.


Anyhow, there was some confusion over the new policy as of Feb 19th 2013 over accepting

"walk Ins" it sounds like they want you to schedule an appointment for ANYTHING at window 25. I didn't and no one challenged me or refused me...but that is not to say that might not change in the future. So a word of caution look into getting an appointment get online and follow the instructions.


I spent a lot of time putting together the form, neatly filled out, everything from NSO original and photocopied. Then got on the red eye flight to Manila and was in front of the Embassy at 6 AM. If you have a cell phone you will need to check it and they want another ID to stay with the checked item...I would bring something other than your `13A" like a drivers license. I started seeing these scarey signs about




I Thought the trip was in vain but I lined up, got a number and was directed to the second floor window #25, no one asked me about an appointment. There were LOTS of Filipino's waving around appointment letters and I started to get that sinking feeling. At 0800 the window opened and they began calling name's those with appointments alphabetically. I started to sweat. But after ten minutes they began to call numbers and I was second. No problems at all, in fact the Lady at the window was downright nice, polite and accomodating.


I actually had too much paperwork and documentation, and too many forms, I had my financial forms (I-134) and accompanying bank accounts, home mortagages, stocks, pension letter etc. She said she didn't need those and to bring them to the interview when scheduled.

I had NSO certified color copies and photocopies of everything I could think of in the way of passports, ID's 13A I card Wedding photos, photos of the two of US in our Cebu Home and our home in the USA, it was overkill, but rather safe than sorry I always say.


 She emphazised TWO THINGS...I needed photocopies of ALL MY DIVORCE DECREE's...and a copy of my most recent tax return SHOWING MY WIFE's NAME (I my last three years so no problem). And she wanted to see my I card even though I had color copies front and back. (thats why you shouldn't use it to check your cell phone).


 So to summarize All I needed was the 1-130, Petition, a copy of your biographical information form G 325 A for YOU and HER, with accompanying 2x2 color recent photo, sign it on the back and paperclip it coz if you staple it  to the form it will likely have to be removed and re stapled in the correct place.


When it came time to pay , I was directed to another window, paid the $420 total by credit card and brought the receipts back and got a letter with instructions about tracking the petition and notification.


 pretty simple.


Well, good luck if you are thinking about filing.


Get there early!



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