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Your Petition is one thing......her application for a visa is totally something else. She can not apply for a visa until your petition is approved.........her application along and part 1 of another form along with readiness for interview form can be faxed!

Ignoring the insulting remarks.  I see, so you have to apply for the right to apply.  That certainly simplifies things.  "It's more fun in the US."


Though you may disagree and had success otherwise, in my reading of all of this. What I have read and correct if I am wrong however it makes perfect sense to me. You should prior to going to Lukes get an Xray. Why, is simple if there is a spot found on the lung you can then do what is required prior to spending the money that Luke will charge. More like preventive kinda thing. If you show a positive here you can then do a sputum to confirm it. Then take the medicine to allow your body to clear of TB. Yet there still could be a scar on your lungs after you are clear so you would still fail the Xray at Lukes. Yet you know you will pass the sputum test. This approach sounds logical to me and for the cost of around 30 dollars it is just good preventive idea.

This is exactly my logic.  Were I to decide to do a DCF for my wife, my first action would be to send my wife to Hi-Precision for a chest XRay and reading while I started the paperwork.  A king's ransome of about 200 pesos would be well spent I think if something negative would be found and corrective meds could be started which I think take maybe 6 months or so prior to the actual physical.  I know that a clear XRay wouldn't matter as far as passage at St. Luke's but might help with planning for how long to (at least expect) be in Manila.
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It probably IS a good idea to get a chest x-ray done before you apply for an immigration visa. If it comes back positive, then she can go through the treatment and get rechecked before applying. That WILL save you money, since you will possibly avoid wasted trips to Manila. However, if anybody thinks that getting negative results with x-rays taken near your home will prevent St. Lukes from finding "spots" on her x-rays taken at St. Lukes, then you have a lot more faith in them than I do.


BTW, if you want a good clear x-ray, I would suggest that you get it done at Chong Hua or Cebu Doctors. My doctor has had problems with unclear x-rays from the lab mentioned in this thread...just saying. It may cost a little more, but the results will give you an accurate picture.

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I totally disagree......High Precision is no better or worse than Cebu Doc or Chong Hua.....except it is cheaper....n prove me wrong...

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I just read Turbota's very thorough and informative guide to the Direct Consular Filing green card/immigrant visa application process, but (me being me) I still have a few questions:


1. It looks as though this has to be done at the embassy in Manila, not at the consulate here in Cebu. Is this correct?


2A. Can the initial application paperwork, passports, documents, photos and application fee be sent to the embassy via courrier service or something, or does it have to be delivered in person?


2B: If in person, would I have to go there and do it myself as the petitioner, or could a friend or another family member submit the application for me (i.e. someone I know who's already going to Manila? Trying to avoid a trip to Manila for myself if I can. Not looking forward to dealing with a big city, getting ripped off by taxi drivers, maybe getting robbed, etc.)


3. We own some real property. Its title shows the property in Karen's name but with me listed as her husband, rather than that it's jointly owned by both of us (because, of course, foreigners cannot own land here.) It this OK for the application process or would the title of a vehicle, which does show us as joint owners, be better? Or does it matter which we use? (I think this is just for evidence that we're actually married and cohabiting as opposed to, say,  proof of having assets in the Philippines to return to as with tourist visa applications, as it says that a rental lease contract in both our names can also be used instead of a title.)


4. Turbota's "how-to" post mentions that Karen's CFO Seminar can be done either in Manila or in Cebu, but he only gives the location/contact info for the Manila site. Where in Cebu are these seminars held?


5. Would having one (or more) co-sponsors (who live in the US) help to ensure that Karen gets her visa/green card, or are they not really required?


TIA for any insight on this process that you can provide. :)



I was just at the Embassy Tuesday 3/5/2013 and filed, I posted a new thread on the experience titled 1-130 petition form update....The only place you can file is in Manila. It has to be in person.

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Has anyone had to provide a NBI clearance at their wives interview?  I have been living in the Philippines for the past 10 years (13a visa).  Was wondering if I, the petitioner, will have submit an NBI clearance on myself with our paperwork?  Thanks

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