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Wells Fargo remittances (with fee waiver offer)

ed villas

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ed villas

has anyone ever used WELLS FARGO or its remittance services,

 i read this article. maybe it can be of use to those who dont like XOOM or WU.


SAN FRANCISCO – Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE:WFC) is celebrating
the 10 year anniversary of its Global Remittance Services unit by
offering new Wells Fargo ExpressSend customers a fee waiver on their
first transfer if they enroll in the service and make their first
transfer from a Wells Fargo linked account between February 1 and June
30, 2013.

Ten years ago, Wells Fargo revamped its legacy remittance
service to the Philippines (service originated in 1994) by creating a
new business unit in 2003 that focused on serving the needs of a growing
diverse population.  Today, Wells Fargo offers remittance services to
14 countries, including 

“A decade ago, our leadership team recognized that with the changing
demographics of our nation, there was a need to differentiate ourselves
from  other major banking institutions by offering relevant and useful
 financial services products to our diverse customers,” said Daniel
Ayala, head of Wells Fargo Global Remittance Services.

“Many of our
competitors also entered this business in 2003, yet today we are one of
the few major banks in the U.S. that remains focused on this business.
 We are pleased with our success and the continued demand we’ve seen
from our diverse communities who have benefited from the economical,
convenient and dependable way to send money to their home countries in
Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia with Wells Fargo.”

Wells Fargo remains committed to offering remittance services despite
pending regulations that are causing some large banking institutions
and traditional remittance companies to exit the business or reevaluate
their strategy.

Concurrently, the Inter-American Dialogue named Wells Fargo a top
ranking consumer remittance services provider. Wells Fargo tied for
first place with two other companies, out of a field of 37.  This is the
only industry study focused on evaluating remittance services providers
based on price, foreign exchange rates, convenience, distribution and
quality of service.


Wells Fargo ExpressSend
customers can send funds to their beneficiaries in most countries
through their choice of four remittance alternatives– account to
account, account to cash, cash to cash, or cash to account.  The Wells
Fargo ExpressSend service is available via most key customer channels including all Wells Fargo Bank store locations,










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i use it and you open an acct and have to do the first one from a bank in the us i send money and its picked up at BPO and BPI and the major pawn shop now the cost is nothing on THIS side but on the receiving end you get as of yesterday 39.5 to the dollar and one other fee of  i think its 6 dollars.

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