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Locked Topics


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Alan S

Well stated.


As I have said in other posts, these attacks will NOT continue.

Topics will be locked and people banned.


Now, lets drop the subject and get back to "Living in Cebu".

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Who locks topics, when, and why:


Admins or Moderators may lock a topic when it has pretty well run its course, has been answered (as in threads the Forums Questions Forum), has strayed too far off topic, or has become a battle ground among members. Sometimes, an Admin will simply lock the topic to keep members from ending up banned. (The last topic I was involved in, resulted in me banning four members, in a single afternoon, from the forums. I guess I didn't lock it fast enough, eh?)


We may also lock a topic at the Original Poster's (OP's) request. Sometimes, if the OP feels his or her topic has run its course, or has been answered to their satisfaction, they will ask us to lock it for them. Typically, I am fine with this too.


Another way topics become locked is by the software. We have a preset time, as well, for topics to automatically be locked by the software, if a given topic has not had a reply within that time frame. I am not certain right off, but I believe it to currently be set at either 90, or 180 days. I don't recall which at the moment. (Look at any not so active forum and you will be able to tell pretty easily.) This is to help keep dated informational threads from coming back to the top of the topic list. It is much better for members and visitors to have the most current information available to them, when posting on the site.


Lastly, rather than locking a topic, we may simply move that topic "downstairs" to one of the hidden forums. This is usually when a topic may be a bit too much for the standard rules for posting on the site. Upon moving a thread downstairs, members may then carry on, having a bit more freedom of speech regarding said topic.


I hope this has answered any questions you may have regarding the locking of topics.

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