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Where to find a decent white sand beach on Cebu island


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Maybe I’m blind or don't just know where they hide them. I have been to Lapu Lapu and most beach areas there look more like a toilet than a nice beach. Bluewater has a small man made white beach but its not much to speak of. I went to Moalboal and while there are a couple small areas I still never found a real nice beach. I thought the Philippines was famous for great beaches. I would like to find one I can drive to, not take a boat to.

Plus why is it when you do find a beach that’s at least somewhat ok like Alona Beach (still very small beach) no one really makes it comfortable. No beach loungers, no umbrellas, no one bringing you drinks etc. I know (spoiled American) I'm looking to be pampered a little. But I enjoy a day at the beach laying back having a brewskie or three, reading a good book and jumping in the water once in awhile to cool off.

I’m used to the Phuket and Koran beach areas of Thailand maybe I’m just spoiled.

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While the beaches in Australia are admittedly very fine, the one big draw back is that they are full of Australians !!

it's a proven scientific fact that whenever somebody gets laid by a 19 year old chick for the first time in about 30 years, sand changes colour in their perception from brown to yellow and from yellow

Been there twice... not much to write home about really...... ok, ok, so I've never been there....

Wombat No More

I always get dirty dusty shoes when I go to the beaches here...

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Beaches in the PI are well overrated by global top quality beach standards. they pin their hats on Boracay, which is more of an aberration than a beach lol 


another one of the reasons why tourism here is not going to be greatly appreciated by the overseas jet set.. yet at the same time there are some real pretty small islands here with great sand if you want the ASG for company etc. The hospitality the ASG will show is more of a hands on kind that you would want

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White Beach outside of Moalboal is not so bad and you can drive to it.

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White Beach outside of Moalboal is not so bad and you can drive to it.


This is true about White Beach. My wife and I go twice a year. It is pretty big, and the snorkelling is excellent. Our favorite "close by" beach.

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White Beach outside of Moalboal is not so bad and you can drive to it.

I spent a week there and never really found anything to speak of. Couple of spots with maybe 200 foot long little beachs and rocky as hell on top of that. Maybe I missed it some how.

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as above on Cebu island itself White Beach near Moalboal is fine, it costs a small amount to drive on though and you have to pay parking.. North of Cebu there is the odd small patch of yellow sand but mostly rocky, the better beaches are well north, up towards Daanbantayan. The most powdery white sand beach I have seen in Cebu province isn't on the main island but just to the south of Esperanza village on Pacijan island, Camotes. Not just Philippines but south east Asia in general is way overrated for beaches. 

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as above on Cebu island itself White Beach near Moalboal is fine, it costs a small amount to drive on though and you have to pay parking.. North of Cebu there is the odd small patch of yellow sand but mostly rocky, the better beaches are well north, up towards Daanbantayan. The most powdery white sand beach I have seen in Cebu province isn't on the main island but just to the south of Esperanza village on Pacijan island, Camotes. Not just Philippines but south east Asia in general is way overrated for beaches. 

I drove up to the Daanbantayan area a couple weeks ago and I must be blind because I didnt see anything in ways of a nice beach. Maybe you need to know what road gets you there and I'm just missing that road.

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Have you considered Pulchra Resort if you don't like White Beach, Moalboal or want something a bit closer to Cebu City.









Shangri La Resort, beach on Mactan island is not too bad either (but man made, as are most Resort beaches on Mactan)!





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Cebu’s selection of white sand beaches 


Posted by siteadmin on April 4, 2012 in Feature, Spots | 2 Comments






Be Resorts on Punta Engaño Road, Lapu-Lapu City.

Being in the center of a long and narrow island, 200 kilometers long
and nowhere exceeding 40 kilometers in width, Cebu City is half an hour
to a few hours away from white sand beaches, long shorelines, beautiful
resorts, and paradise islands.

This is one of the reasons why the city is in every tourist’s list of top destinations.

The island of Cebu is blessed with rich marine resources and fine
beaches, and tourists, both local and foreign, make time to visit Cebu
and explore its natural wonders.

A trip to Cebu is incomplete without going to the beach, watching the
sunset, or enjoying the panoramic view offered by world-class resorts

From Cebu City, the nearest white sand beaches are those in the smaller
island of Mactan to the east. The airport is located in Mactan, under
the territorial jurisdiction of Lapu-Lapu City.

Mactan Island

Going to Mactan Island is easy as two bridges connect it to mainland
Cebu — the Mandaue-Mactan Bridge and Marcelo B. Fernan Bridge. Mactan
Island consists of Lapu-Lapu City and Cordova town.


Tambuli Beach in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

From the city, Mactan is about 45 minutes to an hour drive. Most
resorts here are just 15 to 30 minutes ride away from the Mactan-Cebu
International Airport.

To get here, one option is to take a taxi. The flag down rate is
P40.00 and taxis are widely available anywhere in the city as well as in
the island. Resorts usually offer shuttle transfers to their guests.
You may arrange for airport pick-ups or drop-offs. There are also
shuttle services going to and from the malls in Cebu City for a fee.

Be Resorts

True to its tagline “Beyond the Expected,” guests here will surely get
the relaxation they deserve. An Infinity Pool that is four feet deep
immediately creates a calm mood. The Jacuzzi Pool is also hard to
resist, especially for those who need to break free from their daily
routine in office or at home. Situated on Punta Engaño Road, the resort
has unique names for their accommodations — Be Cool, Be Chic, and Be

Contact number: +63-32-2368888

Website: www.beresorts.com

Shangri-La’s Mactan Island Resort and Spa

This resort located in Punta Engaño, Lapu-Lapu City offers its guests a
vacation in luxury. The garden view appeals to nature lovers and is an
ideal place for travelers. Considered as a premier resort in Mactan
island, it boasts of a large spa and various restaurants.

Contact number: +63-32-2310288

Website: www.shangri-la.com

Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Saltwater lagoons and freshwater pools distinguish this resort from the
others. With its colonial plantation architecture, guests will surely
enjoy the amenities of the resort. Here, athletic tourists could not
resist their wall climbing facility while health conscious guests would
love their fitness center plus the spa at their Mogambo Springs. The
resort lies in an 11.4-hectare lot in Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City.

Contact number: +63-32-3405900

Website: www.plantationbay.com

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort

Other than being known for its bungalow type of accommodation, this
resort has become a favorite venue for weddings. Couples who are fond of
the beach often choose to hold the reception in its 1.1 hectare
man-made island dubbed Alegrado Island. Kids also are attracted to visit
the place and have an encounter with the mascot Dolpo, a dolphin. This
158-room resort is located in Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City.

Contact numbers: 63-32-2345411 or 63-32-4920100

Website: www.bluewater.com.ph

Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa

If you talk about water fun, this resort is definitely the best place to
go. Located on ML Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, it
offers a one of a kind Waterpark and Slides. It features themed pools
namely Amazon River Pool (with inflatable tubes), Wave Rider, Beach
Pool, Captain Hook’s Pool, and the Toddler Pool.

Contact number: 63-32-2361367

Website: www.imperialpalace-cebu.com


Portofino Beach in Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City

Mactan Blue Reef Resort

Value for money is what best describes this resort in Tongo, Marigondon,
Lapu-Lapu City. For only an entrance fee of P50.00, one can get a nice
dip in the beach. The resort is a perfect option for those who are
looking for an affordable get together. You are allowed to bring in food
and the cottages are for rent at reasonable costs.

Contact number: 63-32-4923209 or 63-32-4923217

Other resorts and accommodations in Mactan Island:

Cebu Beach Club

Location: Pag-utlan, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact number: 63-32-4921888

Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel

Location: Buyong, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact number: 63-32-2314244

Website: www.costabellaresort.com

Tambuli Beach Club

Location: Buyong Beach, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact number: 63-32-4921888

Website: www.tambuli.com

Cebu White Sands

Location: Looc, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact numbers: 63-32-2689000 or 63-32-4952222

Website: www.whitesands.com.ph

Cordova Reef Village Resort

Location: Poblacion, Cordova

Contact number: 63-32-3408991

Website: www.cordovareef.com

Crimson Resort and Spa

Location: Mactan Island, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact number: 63-32-4019999

Website: www.crimsonhotel.com

Alta Cebu Resort and Convention Center

Location: Tugbungan, Pilipog, Cordova

Contact numbers: 63-32-5132088 or 63-32-4967881

Website: www.altacebu.com

Pacific Cebu Resort

Location: Suba Basbas, Marigondon, Lapu-Lapu City

Contact number: 63-32-3405982

Farther away from Cebu City are unspoiled beaches with fine sand and
cool waters, but they take travel time of two to three hours or more.

Southern Cebu

Down south, you will discover hidden paradise in the towns of Boljoon, Santander, Alegria, and Moalboal.

Exploring southern Cebu is easy even for those who do not have cars.
You may take buses at the Cebu South Bus Terminal along N. Bacalso
Avenue in Cebu City to destinations in the south. There are also
van-for-hires available at the Citilink, also on N. Bacalso Ave., and
Ayala Terminal.

Cebu Club Fort Med

This resort in Boljoon is very accessible to tourists as it is located
on the highway. From Cebu City, this town is about three hours away.

Coming here is not too expensive as you can either stay for a night
or just spend the whole day there enjoying the beach. They have open
cottages for rent both for day use and overnight stays. They also have a
pool for those who wish not to take a splash in the beach.

Snorkeling and diving are two of the best things to do while here in
the resort. Since Boljoon is known for its heritage sites, they also
offer Church visits for guests.

Contact number: 63-32-4829050 or 63-32-4829051

Website: www.cebu-clubfortmed.com

Eden’s Resort

With only 10 rooms, guests in this resort located in Liloan, Santander
are assured of private leisure. The place is perfect for honeymooners
and in fact is best described as couples’ retreat.

Guests here will surely love the sea view from the room. The resort has spacious and big rooms.

What is nice as well is they offer hassle-free package and room-only
rates. If you wish to take a vacation without worrying too much about
other details, their all-inclusive rate best suits you as it comes with
meals and leisure activities already. Among the things to do here are
ocean kayaking, mountain biking, motor cycling, snorkeling and many

From Cebu City, Santander is approximately a three-hour drive. Buses
stationed at the South Bus Terminal will take you to this town.

As additional tip, you may board a fast craft or motorized banca from
Santander going to Sibulan, Negros Oriental. Sibulan is about 15 to 20
minutes away from Dumaguete City.

Contact number: 63-32-4809321

Website: www.eden.ph

Costa de Leticia Resort and Spa

Once a quiet town in the south, Alegria is now becoming an option for
tourists and honeymooners as this resort features an inviting 10 x 20
meters infinity pool.

Other than swimming, guests could take a waterfalls tour, go hiking
and feel relaxed staying at their spacious accommodations. Also, busy
professionals would not worry about their responsibilities even while in
vacation as the resort has wifi connection.

The town of Alegria, via the Barili route, is about three hours travel time from Cebu City.

Contact number: 63-32-4767040

Website: www.costadeleticia.com

Hale Manna

True to its name that means House of Good Energy, the owner of this
resort believes and put into practice permaculture — a way of producing
food and energy without depleting the earth’s gift of nature.

Offering only seven rooms, this resort in Barangay Saavedra in
Moalboal is perfect for family reunions, team buildings, and other
intimate gatherings.

The town of Moalboal is known for its white sand beach and considered
as one of the top diving spots in the island. From Cebu City, it is
between two to three hours drive.

Contact number: 63-32-3162603

Website: http://www.halemanna.com

Other Resorts and accommodations in Southern Cebu:

Kalumpang Beach Resort

Location: Highway, Looc, Poblacion, Argao, Cebu

Contact number: 63-32-3677505

Ocean Bay Resort

Location: Guiwanon, Poblacion, Dalaguete

Contact number: 63-32-4848003

Website: www.oceanbaybeachresort.com

Bodo’s Bamboo Bar Resort

Location: Pasol, Alcoy

Contact number: 63-32-4839119 or 63-32-4835522

Website: www.bbb-alcoy.com

Lusapan Resort

Location: South Road, Lusapan, Boljoon

Contact number: 63-32-4829077

Lubi Resort

Location: Poblacion, Santander

Contact number: 63-32-4809038 or 63-32-4809025

Website: www.eg-santander.com

Club Serena Beach Resort

Location: White Beach, Saavedra, Moalboal

Contact number: 63-32-4172445

Website: www.clubserenaresort.com

Dolphin House

Location: Saavedra, Moalboal

Contact number: 63-32-4740073

Website: www.moalboal.de

HK Beach Resort

Location: Basdaku, Moalboal

Contact number: 63-09194766385

Sampaguita Beach Resort

Location: Tonggo Basdiot, Moalboal

Contact number: 63-32-4740066

Website: www.sampaguitaresort.com

Savedra Beach Resort

Location: Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

Contact number: 63-32-4740014

North Cebu

North of Cebu, there are resorts to visit as well, such as those in Danao, Sogod, and San Remigio.

Buses going to the towns in the northern part of the province are
stationed at the North Bus Terminal in Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

Those who want to enjoy the famous Bantayan and Malapascua islands
need to ply the northern route and take a boat ride from the Hagnaya
Port and Maya Wharf, respectively.

El Salvador Beach Resort

Located just along the national highway, this resort in Danao is easy to find.

It offers 39 accommodation units and has facilities such as the Elsa
Spa, a lagoon swimming pool with waterfalls and outdoor jacuzzi, Coco
restaurant, and Buddy’s KTV.

For athletic travelers, it has a fitness gym and volleyball court.
Internet access is available to guests, thus busy professionals need not
worry coming here.

Contact number: 63-32-2003622 or 63-32-2547863

Website: www.elsalvadorresort.com

Coco Palms Resort Danao

Also in Danao, this resort is the best place to go for a great water
fun. With an entrance fee of P150.00 per adult, P75.00 for kids age 7 to
11 years old, you would surely experience an adventurous day under the

Not only they have the beach and the pool, they also have a waterpark
that provides four inflatables for guests to enjoy. It is open from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. and the rate is an affordable P100.00 per person. The
pool, on the other hand, is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

And if you feel that one day is not enough, it has accommodation units for overnight stays.

Contact number: 63-32-5122132

Website: www.danaococopalms.com

Alegre Beach Resort and Spa

This posh resort in the town of Sogod lives up to its name that means
“happiness” in Spanish. True enough, a day spent here will be remembered
with good and happy memories.

It offers 19 luxurious cabanas, and its room types include Deluxe
Room, De Luxe Ocean View Room, and De Luxe Ocean View Room with Garden.
Also, they have three private beach coves perfect for honeymooners.

Coming here is an experience as the resort offers scuba diving and
instruction. This will suit those who wish to explore underwater
resources. Other activities are snorkeling, fish feeding, and reef

The resort also provides shuttle service. For private vehicles, the resort is about two hours drive from the city.

Contact number: 63-32-2549800, 63-32-2549811, and 63-32-2549822

Website: www.alegrebeachresort.com

San Remigio Beach Club Sports and Leisure Resort

This resort located in San Remigio is an answer to those who are looking
for a good venue to hold reunions, birthdays, and weddings. Its Sea
Pool Party Area is very spacious and perfect for luau parties.

One nice thing here is that it offers various packages for groups.
Among these are Group Tour Package, Day Tour Package, Side Trip Package
and many more.

For transportation, it has coaster and van service that is very
convenient for groups. Other option is to take a bus that costs only
P120.00 per person. From the city, the town of San Remigio is three
hours travel time.

Contact number: 63-32-2310382, 63-32-4352030, and 63-32-5160630

Website: www.sanremigiobeachclub.com.ph

Other Resorts and Accommodations in Northern Cebu:

Casa Del Mar Resort Hotel

Location: Barangay Bancasan, San Remigio

Contact number: 63-32-3446181 or 63-32-4352222 to 25

Website: www.casadelmar.biz

Villa Meling

Location: Agoju, Daanbantayan

Contact number: 63-32-4378691

Las Flores

Location: Flores, Catmon

Contact number: 63-32-4309390 or 63-32-4309391

Website: www.lasflorescebu.com

Intosan Resort

Location: Taboc, Danao City

Contact number: 63-32-2003476

Website: www.intosanresort.com

Nailon Beach Resort

Location: Lovers Lane Road, Nailon, Bogo

Contact number: 63-32-2539941 or 63-32-2512328

Midwest Cebu

Cebu’s midwest is comparable to other destinations in the Cebu island and the resorts here are equally worth your travel.

Six towns and one city make up the midwest part of the province —
Balamban, Tuburan, Tabuelan, Asturias, Pinamungajan, Aloguinsan, and
Toledo City.

To get here, there are vans-for-hire from the CitiLink Terminal or
take buses at the South Bus Terminal in N. Bacalso Avenue in Cebu City.

Durhan White Beach Resort

With a minimal entrance rate of P20.00 per person, you will enjoy
this little paradise in Tabunok, Tabuelan that boasts of fine white sand
beach. The place is fit for barkadas and family gatherings.

It has rooms that could accommodate two to eight persons. Also, it
offers big tents for 20 persons and small tent for 15 persons. It both
has air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms.

Very native, the resort’s cottage has nipa roof. And you will be able
to cook your own food there as there are gas stoves and a refrigerator.
The town of Tabuelan, from the city, is about three hours travel time.

Contact number: 63-32-4619318 or 63-32-4619073

Website: www.durhanwhitebeach.com

Tauhai Garden Beach Resort and Spa

A retirement home open to tourists, this resort in the boundary of
Toledo City and Pinamungajan town is true to its name that means serene,
relaxing, and peaceful which are the translations for the Cebuano term

A cottage-on-a-pond could accommodate more than 40 guests. It also
offers air-conditioned rooms fit for families and barkadas. This would
be a perfect venue as well for special occasions.

For guests coming from the airport, the resort provides shuttle
service but for a minimum number of five passengers. From the city, the
area is less than two hours drive.

There are boat trips in Toledo City going to San Carlos in Negros
Occidental, thus while enjoying the resort you might want to consider a
side trip to the neighboring province.

Contact number: 63-32-4688040

Website: www.wix.com/jncavada/tauhaigardenbeachresort

Other Resorts and Accommodations in Midwest Cebu:

Park Place Beach Resort

Location: Tajao, Pinamungajan

Contact number: 63-32-4688155

Maravilla Beach Club

Location: Can-ambay, Maravilla, Tabuelan

Contact number: 63-32-5810121

Website: www.maravillabeachclub.com



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compared to places like South Africa and Australia the Philippines is just shite for beaches. The only thing you can really say in the Philippines favour is that at least you don't have to worry about sharks. 

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Jump on the Google Earth and fly over Cebu .  You`ll find all the white beaches. pin the co-ordinates to you map and go for it.


 But like has been  said before, there`s no comparison, say to beaches in Australia for instance. 

While you on GE . Type in to search box  (my home town in Australia)                     Gold Coast,   Queensland,       Australia.


Follow white beach coastline about 50 km north and about 600 km south.  That is a BEACH 


Drive to beach  your esky full of coldies, you gf / bf,  fishing rods, umbrellas anywhere you like, no fees no pollution and bloody hardly anyone around.


The matter of fact you start to get a bit lonely there after about a day or two with no one around.

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White Beach outside of Moalboal is not so bad and you can drive to it.

I spent a week there and never really found anything to speak of. Couple of spots with maybe 200 foot long little beachs and rocky as hell on top of that. Maybe I missed it some how.

You didn't maybe miss it .. YOU MISSED IT !     If you go to Moaboal and dont stay on White beach you  missed it.    Just select Google images and enter  "white beach moalboal" .    its a great beach by any standard and  not far away.

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White Beach outside of Moalboal is not so bad and you can drive to it.

I spent a week there and never really found anything to speak of. Couple of spots with maybe 200 foot long little beachs and rocky as hell on top of that. Maybe I missed it some how.


You were on Panagsama beach!  White beach stole the sand from Panagsama beach during a typhoon in the 90's.  We got a little back last year, but not enough.  Now you know!

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Canuck Joe

Jump on the Google Earth and fly over Cebu .  You`ll find all the white beaches. pin the co-ordinates to you map and go for it.


That's what I do, many secluded beaches can be found at the end of a dirt road. Found some cool spots on Comotes that way.

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