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Mandaue woman dies in ‘vaginal lock’


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Married Kano

That's what I call being in a tight spot!

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I'm thinking that her vaginal muscles locked because she died !  [ and not the other way around]   Of course with some women its hard to tell if they are still alive or not when you are in them !! 

Actually, Dave, if a woman has great muscle control, and has exercised her floor muscles very well, she can have amazing control over the man while he is inside her. A woman, well experienced, can do

I've actually heard that some journalists advocate verifying stories before publishing. But I doubt that will ever catch on here.

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my first girlfriend in Mindanao was almost that -   When she would orgasm when i was inside her- her muscles would really clamp tightly - sometimes to the point of being uncomfortable- almost like a really strong hand grip  -but the good outweighed the bad    :air_kiss:



maybe she was just checking to try and see if you were still inside her or not  ?  Some women have a problem that way with men who are very very small ! 

Is that a confession or hearsay?

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