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I do not create the laws.  So for me if it was 59 I got my retirement or 39 matters nothing.  I did not stay in for those reasons. However now I can look back and say I should have gotten out when I was diagnosised with my disability.  However even if I knew  then I would have gotten 40% and it was removed from my retirement, I would have stayed till I reached 20.     


The thing we can do is look back and say well this is wrong.  569.00 dollars a month is about 20% of my retirement.  So there is a rub there when it comes to losing that money now.  However at the time it would not have mattered.  Just I was not smart enough to understand the rules then and look at it with today's eyes.  


It is not like this is a new law or something.  It has been this way since forever.  Until I think 2001 they changed concurrent disability.  

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That benefit sheet is just a congressionally mandated propaganda tool to attempt to educate military members on the value of the benefits they receive.Some kid fresh out of HD in the military sees his

I did 4 years in the Marine Corps. I got out in 1969 and never looked back - now I am 100% service connected, and on Social Security and have a small pension plan.  I don't loose any of my Disability

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If you have loose money put it in a jar or a wallet or something. problem solved.

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If you think that is not deducted from your pay check your are very narrow in thinking.

In a way it is. The whole retirement system because the gov't wasn't able to pay a fair wage so they came up with the retirement system to entice troops to stay in longer and to push the bill off onto the next generation. But whether it's 0, 7% or something else depends on how long you stay in and then how long you live after you retire. Gen. Chappy James retired and died within a month never having received a dime of his retirement.

19 years is a joke they can not force you out after 18 years. Unless you commit some crime.

Well, a lot of troops come up for reenlistment in the 18-20 year window. Reenlistment can be denied. If you're up for reenlistment at say 19 years 3 months you can apply for an extension of 9 months service but that isn't always approved. You can be offered the options of a 4 year reenlistment or get out. Often that reenlistment is coupled with a remote assignment to Korea, Turkey, Shemya or other fun destination. Someone with 18 years in, probably kids, etc. doesn't want to hear that. The Navy O-4 guy I knew had 18 years and was promised O-5 if he took another sea duty tour and his family wasn't up for that so he got out.

They are talking about going to a 401(k) system, not doing away with retirement. It only means you don't get your money until your 59 1/2. You still get your money, only later. And even the one-termers would get their money, which they don't get now.

Good luck retaining any long term quality people with that plan. The ones staying over 10 years won't be the ones you want to keep.

I'd prefer my sailors got something for their service because even the single-termers earned something for their service.

Really, they get nothing? No skills training? No educational benefits during and after service?
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