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OHHHH the airport experience

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i already figured out how to put a dent in the budget in the us... charge ever visitor all 56 million a year 100 us to leave 

$5.6B wouldn't scratch the surface.

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Well, I am here on a 13-A visa and my wife and I travel a lot. The Philippine airports are an outrage, especially when compared with other airports in the region (Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, B

he uses hundred dollar bills

when i landed in Los Angeles first you go to immigration starts out confusing as there is a line for us citz.. and NON us citz but you fill out one report for a family... so we went to the us citz li

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$5.6B wouldn't scratch the surface.

Well its a good start i know its so little but it wont cost americans anything so its all good

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$5.6B wouldn't scratch the surface.

part of the problem is just that .. the politicians feel adding a few more billion here and there is chicken feed and cutting a few billion here and there is even more meaningless 


but every little bit helps and it needs to start somewhere

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