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Visa extension fees I paid today, Wow

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Jim Sibbick

According to that site, the fine for each year of overstay is a very reasonable 5000 pesos - that's a considerable saving on renewing the 59 day visa every 2 months.


Looks like that is the answer! :yahoo:


You are misreading it.


You have to pay the fine plus all the extensions you missed plus all the express lane fees you would have paid.


On top of that, you may get deported and/or blacklisted.

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you think it's bad now, wait until that lawyer working for them wakes up and realizes how little he is charging relative to other fees.


I wasn't nagging about anything. I can find everything I want just fine. I was clarifying, with some comedic emphasis, for the benefit of many other readers of this forum, an innacurate statement you made.

I can't split hair here all the time.

Of course not everything is cheaper. I.e. Saturn V Rockets are certainly cheaper in Cape Canaveral than in Cebu. That has nothing to do with accuracy but rather with logic.

On the other hand,Logic isn't the strongest side of people. :ROFLMAO:

NEITHER is accuracy
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