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Micro finance / Micro credit in Cebu have u seen it ?

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GF want to start a biz and cos I don't want to build a biz in my gf name I want to look in to micro finance for her.


I found something named Kiva dot org but after a little looking I found them to charge 35 - 40% interest and

that is just robbery.


anyone seen anything they can link me to where we can take a look ?



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If you google the subject you will find many in the Phills, including associations you can perhaps join,


There is a very successful lady , can't remember h.er name I read a story on her last year,,, has several branches,

I think if I was gonna do anything in that line , would be good to get into bed with a good operator with a proven a administration system


All the best



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Try one at parkmall. Beside bdo. However, do not expect that rates will be far from 35-40.

The least interest that a micro finance will ask is 3% per month

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