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Angle grinder, cheap china junk

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Greetings! When I got here in 04,anything you wanted could be found downtown Cebu in the way of power tool, including DeWalt.

The plastic was off color, and lables funky, no country of origin and such. That is cheap China knock off stuff. BUT, sometimes it was over runs that were on the inside, and caseing was what was fake. If you look at the innards of Mekata, Mactec, MazSell, and other grinders and lay them side by side, they are identical. The bearings in the really cheap ones are not marked. When the bearing goes bad, just change them, and put a good bearing in. ALL parts except casing, and some times the switch are interchangable. I do not remember them being that much cheaper than what ACE was charging, AND it is what the little shops downtown were using to do their work.

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