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Hello New member from Indiana


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Hello, I am a 38 year old marketing consultant from Indiana, Notre Dame country, (although I don't follow sports). My asawa lives in Ilocos Sur, Sta Maria.


We married in Aug '12, and we are expecting in May. I will be moving there permanently in November. I am planning on running a business hiring Virtual Assistants for American companies.


This will be my 5th trip to PH but I have never visited Cebu. I was told this site was a great resource, and it is just that GREAT.


I am not sure of where ultimately we will end up. I have never visited Cebu, I hear it's nice and there are many westerners. But also, I really like Davao...


I am glad to be a part of this forum and hope to use it often!


-Troy Bengford

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Buko Beach

Welcome Troy,


Since you have visited many times you are well aware your new asawa will most likely want to be located very close to her family, but sometimes that means living in the province or in a situation that's not foreigner-friendly. Many foreigners have been very happy to relocate to the province and find the easy going lifestyle a good change of pace. After a few years living away from foreigner comforts some get bored and want to be closer to a bigger city.


My advice is to look around and visit the places that peak your interest. You mentioned you liked Davao, so visit Cebu and compare. It costs very little to visit for a few days, but it will cost you alot more if you settle in one spot only to realize you prefer to be somewhere else. As the saying goes, 'up to you'.


Happy asawa=happy life.


Welcome to LINC Troy and enjoy the Philippines.

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Welcome, remember you are going to be living in the Philippines, home of filipinos, run by filipinos, where you may not ever understand why they do what they do.

ANYONE from any country may and will try to take advantage.

I am sure you and your family will enjoy it here.

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