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Hello everyone


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I am a 61 yr old Canadian. I plan on visiting your region in December. I would like to live there for six months and see if I can make a permennet move.


trying very hard to find a furnished studioéone bed room apartment. no luck. if anyone con provide me some contact info, I would appreciate it very much. my budget is 10K pesos.


Looking forward to getting to know you in the months to come.


Warmest wishes,



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Hello pablitho

You will find weather quite different to Canada in December I promise you that.

It will be warm and humid so you need well air-conditioned place for your stay at least for night time activities / sleep. I live in Cebu City and finding anything half decent for 10k / month (presume this is your monthly budget) including power and water costs almost non available . that I know of. Unless of course if you willing to share a place with someone. If it is your weekly budget ? stay in a Hotel.


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Buko Beach

Hello Paul,


Welcome to LINC forum from a fellow canuk.


If you have never visited the Philippines and you plan to stay 6months your first trip I would re-think it. A few months max would be better.


First you are staying here for 6months and most long term rentals are 12 month lease. If you do find a suitable place for 10000php per month the owner will most likely demand a higher monthly rent because you want only a 6 month contact. If you do find a place for 10000php you will have to add on all kinds of fees such as veco fee (electric), air-con fee, water bill fee, hot water fee and on and on bringing your total monthly rent well north of your target price.


Also if this will be your first time in the Philippines most guys have this image of what the Philippines is like based from some of the wild (and often tall) tales that can be found on the net. It will be like nothing you imagined, and often guys will be shell shocked the first trip with everything thrown at them all at once.


If you think the Philippines is a cheap place to live, think again. Some things are more expensive in the Philippines and some less expensive vs. Canada (but not by much). You can live here on a 'cheap-charlie' budget and still do ok, but if you want a nicer place to stay, you like to go out to eat and you want to have some fun expect your spending to increase x3 (or more) of what you planned before your trip.


Enjoy the Philippines.



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Welcome to the forum, Pablitho. You might want to look at pension hotels like Tune Hotel Cebu or West Gorordo Hotel. Last I checked they charge $23/day and $27/day, respectively, and West Gorordo Hotel includes breakfast. Just google pension hotels cebu and you'll have plenty of hits.

Good luck to you and have a safe trip.


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