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Give your best advise for taking a long flight

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Take melatonin - but you need to keep the light out of your eyes for it to work - its a brain hormone that is proven to help sleep and help adjust your sleep cycle to time changes

also get some of those sound deadedning technology headphones - Bose - Panasonic - Sony all make them - use them even when you arent listening to a movie or to music. The flight from Detroit to Narita in Japan is a killer. But its even longer on the way home - on the way youre excited about getting there - on the way home i am sad to be leaving.

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I am too opinionated on the topic to answer properly, so I won't bother trying. I will be forward about it and give you all I've got. First, forget any of the over the counter sleep remedies and go

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My coming trip is Quatar Airways via Doha so I break the flight into two 8 hour legs instead of 12 and 4



Apparently Qatar has bad air filter - I had pneumonia after each flight with them... :( Never with other airlines.

They are also very stingy with luggage weight, they measure it by the grams the bloody bastards.

The seats ar very uncomfortable and if you want to rest a little in Doha, you must pay 40 bucks for VIP lounge, the normal one sucks.

I fly Emirates if I can.


Hmmm, Ive always enjoyed my flights on qatar. And to be fare you only need two returns from Europe to the Phils to get silver status, which will give you access to a "silver lounge" and a 30kg allowance.


But Ive enjoyed my flights on Emirates too.

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Wear VERY loose cloths as close to Pajama as possible.. shoes .. slip on if possible .. easy to remove ,, If you have room your own pillow the ones they give you suck... Ask for a seat in the back away from all the talking and kids like in some planes 67K is a seat in the very back so you can recline your seat all the way all the time. You have no one behind you or to your right and there is a little more room for your head to lean over in a sleep mode..


Yes, that was going to be my suggestion - when I fly on 747's I always get into the last 3 seats on either side - there are only two seats so you have extra room for carry on next to the bulk head - I have found that the last row seats do not recline all the way - they hit the Bulk Head plus you alway have some one in the aisle waiting in the Head.


Comfortable clothes is a must - not only for flying, but for getting through security - I suffer some when I get to the Philippines, because I have sweats on, but in a few minutes you are either in a taxi or in another A/C Waiting area -


Even though my next planned long haul isn't for 5 yrs, I am not looking forward to it

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