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Air Freight and Ocean Freight from Cebu to Europe

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I need to ship (both air as well as ocean) freight from Cebu to Europe. Does anyone have positive experience with a reliable and professional freight forwarder that can handle LTL (a few balik bayan boxes) of freight, door-to-door? Please post or send me contact info.

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I want to know this as well. The outfit that shipped my balikbayan box from the UK to Mindanao said they don't do a reciprocal service and only could do, very expensive air freight. I only want to ship a small box. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get there as long as it's months, not years.

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I checked this forum, there is a guy but the posts have a bunch of broken links, does not appear to have a web site and the pictures of shipment show a bunch of FedEx pkgs. I can go down to FedEx and arrange for shipment but I doubt it is my best alternative.


In most countries there are professional freight brokers and forwarders with web sites, rates, phone numbers and email addresses. Perhaps the Philippines is the only exception?

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I used to use one in A Mabini St (Ermita) who would ship anything from a large box to a 40ft container, or part container.

At that time, (early 90's) there were lots of others, and I suspect that there still is.

(A quick glance at the Manila Yellow Pages (1995 edition) shows numerous such companies, but I dont know how many still exist..)


Like so many businesses in the Philippines, it is finding them that is the tricky part!

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SDV (SCAC) Philippines

Menzi Complex M.L.Quezon

National Highway, corner Mactan Old

Bridge, LapulapuCity Cebu, Philippines

[T] +63-32 505-6061 up to 62

[F] +63-32 505-6063

[M] [email protected]

[W] www.sdv.com


Air freight. allow usd 150 for paper work and stuff

USD 3 per kilo therafter


ship: allow same USD150 for paperwork

100USD per cubic meter thereafter


these are quotes to port warehouse in europe, not door to door. i think


cek cebu tellow pages classifieds and internet, i dont ahve the details anymoree

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