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Hey Ron, went to Cobra last night. There's a lot of work to be done! But the bar was open as usual. Have a good rest.

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I would welcome any flight that goes direct to Cebu rather than through Manila.

Try to keep up.   The topic is concerned with CebuPacific International flight Cebu to Bangkok.   Air Asia don't fecking fly that route. We are not oblivious, we just don't need to be constantly

maybe it's expensive for you, but not for me, and many people i know.   5000 pesos with return to Bangkok is dirt cheap

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Clark is not in the middle of nowhere you clown. It's right next to the small area of the Philippines whose 16 cities, with about 15% of the population of the Philippines, generate about 40% of the total national income of the entire country.


If your trying to say that Clark is "right next to" metro Manila then you are mistaken. Depending on where in metro MNL one is coming from it can be a royal pain in the ass. Its not enjoyable to just go to Clark or return from there the same day of your flight. Ive done both a few times (either stay the night on departure, arrival or both) and doing it all in the same day. It sucks unless one is actually looking forward to a night out in Angeles. Of course its smooth sailing while you are on the NLEX, but depending on how much of a stretch of EDSA you need to traverse that shitty road can take well over an hour just to reach the NLEX. If your a holiday maker or place no value on your time or personal conveniences then Clark can make sense. For me, it rarely does.


10k return to BKK is a great price. I go there often enough. My lifestyle doesnt allow me to book a flight months in advance. So if Im ever able to get the 'promo' fair, its by pure luck.


I only 'prefer' Cebu Pacific over the other more expensive choices out of MNL because of the convenience of Terminal 3. Its easy in/easy out. If you dont have a driver you can actually park long term at Term 3 for cheap so close that it would be the super-expensive short term parking in any major airport in a capital city anywhere else in the world. Not to mention there are decent facilities and you can eat something edible at almost any hour. Hey they even have a Burger King there now. All other MNL terminals are utter shitholes. Even the business class lounge for Thai Airways or Philippine Airlines is a shithole compared to other airports.





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