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Poker in Cebu


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I am not sure what you are used to playing but...if you play Hold em, you can always play at the Waterfront hotel in dowtown cebu. they have a poker room (no omaha or limit games) mainly no limit. You can play both string games or tournament poker there. It is best on weekends, but open all the time. they have a good tournament sunday night at 6pm....1,200 buy in with guarantee of 100k. The string (live action games) are low to high stakes. Starting at 10, 20 antes, then 10, 25 and 50, 100 anties.


Obviously the dealer self shuffle like in WPT, no auto shufflers, but I have never seen one of them acting like a mechanic. It is the usual, house takes a rake from the pots, so no need to cheat anyoone. I have also heard of the Diamond room at Park Mall, they strictly do daily tournaments, no live string games.


There are a few expats that play there...but I don't think any of them are on this forum. Also get tourists, koreans, some local pinoys etc. that play at the Waterfront. If you know how to play, and are patient, you will do just fine playing string games here. Pinoys try to bluff so much it is funny, just wait for the right hand and nail them when they do.


In the states, I played live cash games and tournaments in vegas, tampa and ran the hard rock circuit in the Midwest. So, i have played quite a bit. When I have played at Waterfront, I always win pretty good money on live string games. If you know tournament play, its mostly luck at the end, whoever hits the flop takes home money...lol. Let me know if you have any more questions. I have moved out of cebu and in the provinces now, so I don't play there anymore, but I do know a couple of the poker managers at Waterfront and would be glad to give you more info if you need it. Good luck.



I didn't know Waterfront sponsored games.

I would definitely be interested in playing there if it is as you say and is an honest house.

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