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is it necessary to speak the local language

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Aaron, your point is well made and I agree totally. I'll ordering both the LinC Cebuano Course and the Rosetta Stone Tagalog Course way before I retire there.

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Necessary? No.   Useful? Advantageous? Respectful? Polite? Courteous? Opportunity expanding? Yes!

Its also a big plus to know whats being said around you

The most people here seems to be talking about how it is in Cebu/Manila/Davao and similar major cities. Try going to the provinces, I've been in Negros where it is difficult to find people being able

Five to six year olds have an average vocabular of just 2500 to 6000 words yet your average 5 year old has little difficulty communicating with the people around them. Obtatining the necessary words and phrases for common day-to-day functions won't be difficult with a little practice so I wouldn't let it distress me regardless of my language absorption abilities. All you have to do is make an effort and practice at every opportunity. People trying to sell you something are motivated to try and understand you.


Realistically, it's unlikely you'll ever become immersed in a philosophical debate with any Filipino you might encounter socially. It's not just the language. You come from a background where you have little in common. If your girl friend wants to sink her hooks into you. she'll find a way to communicate and she already speaks the local dialects fluently.

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Justin Kredible

Maayong gabii.

Kumusta ka?

Gwapa kaayo ka.

Aye, bolera. Salamat.

Gusto ko jerjer. Ikaw?

Salamat kaayo.



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Mang Kanor

Gusto ko jerjer. Ikaw?


hahaha makes my day!

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