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Cancelled : UFC 151


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On August 23, Dana White announced that Henderson had sustained a partial rupture of his MCL and had withdrawn from the bout. White then announced via press conference that UFC 151 would be the first event in the organization's history to be cancelled, after Jones declined to fight Chael Sonnen, who agreed to take the fight on eight days' notice. Initially, White announced that Jones would defend his title against Lyoto Machida at UFC 152 and that UFC 151 simply will not take place. Later, it was reported that Machida declined to fight Jones. The promotion announced that former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort will challenge Jon Jones at UFC 152.

Initial reports indicated that UFC 152, scheduled to take place three weeks later, would be renamed UFC 151. However, Zuffa announced that UFC 152 would keep its name and UFC 151 would officially be deemed a "lost show."

Dana White blamed the cancellation on Jones and his coach, Greg Jackson, who advised him that accepting the fight with Sonnen on short notice would be the "biggest mistake of his entire career." Some MMA analysts, however, see the UFC at fault for creating thin cards.With fights occurring nearly every weekend, the pool of fighters available as substitutes when injuries occur is shallow. CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel argued Dana White's mishandling of UFC 151 proved that UFC competitors need a union, stating: "...fights fall through all the time -- the flimsy card fell apart. This was the UFC's fault. This was UFC president Dana White's fault...".

Henderson was injured three weeks prior to the cancellation, but kept the injury under wraps so he would not get bumped from the fight.

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