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New User, Moving to the Phils soon, Considering Cebu

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For Real

Most of my concerns center around business needs (reliability and cost of electricity, Internet, housing, transpo, etc), while my girl has more pressing interests

Its interesting to notice comments like Brownouts only go for an hour or so when you ask a question about business needs, that infers the poster has never run an international business out of the Philippines.


You will need a backup generator (16,000 +PHP) Fixed line telephone, least 2 ISP's (1 cable & 1 wifi) and a globe and smart cell phone.


Never entertain doing a teleconference without

1: Powering your PC Modem etc without your generator (if the mains goes out you just sweat a little no more)

2: Having at least 3 ways you can connect in the voice part of the call that all parties know about

3: Try to run you communications with the outside world in the morning.


Having crossed wires, dropped calls, unclear calls and some asshole turning off the power whilst you are on a conference call detailing the next project is rarely just a little frustrating and at worst will lose you business as your client will choose another supplier that has reliable services...business that need to connect and respond to the outside world need to operate like the outside world.


The Philippines is way behind the 8 ball regarding connecting to the globe - if you know, accept and plan for this you will most likely be fine.

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