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Understanding The Warn System

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The warn system, which is used to issue warnings for various infractions on this site, has been enabled for some time. However, we have only begun using it more, recently.


A verbal warning may be issued through the warn system, where no points are accrued by the member's account. However, all other warnings will automatically add x number of points, depending on the infraction, to a given member's account.


The points accrued will come off the account after a preset number of days, depending on the severity of the warning issued. (The more severe the warning, the longer the points stay on the account.) If you are issued a warning that allots a total of 10 points to your account, your account will automatically be banned from this forum.


Please note that, although you may have several small infractions, prior to previous points dropping off your account, if your account total reaches 10 points, your account will be automatically banned from the site by the software.


This is the only way to be fair to all members, preventing us from showing favoritism to others.


Please view or click on the link under your username, in any post you have made, to see the points on your account. Here is an example:




So, I am asking you, not telling you, to please abide by the rules of this forum.


We will not overturn any (banned) account that accrues 10 points or more.

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I hope that every member will comply with this. It is fair and equal to everyone.

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