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LEGAL obligations for knocking up a Filipina

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of course there is always a lead injection or even a diy labotomy


who gives a flying feck what the leagal standing is

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Justin Kredible


That's my guess. Earlier he was rezzing old threads.


Dunno. Don't really care too much beyond it being a tacky and title/post. Could have worded it differently.

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Oh shucks ... OP formulated the question wrong and all he gets is BS .. so let me try.


My GF is having our baby, what will be my duties according to Ph law, and what of the mother's ? How can I expect the eventual laws to be enforced if me and the mother brake up ..



he is not saying he is having a baby or that he made someone with child, on purpose or otherwise .. maybe a girl wanted a baby and spit in a condom, or just poked a hole in one, or one just was faulty, or she said she was on the pill or said she could not have babies and now she is going around to the males she humped and demand money from them to see who bites and who demands a dna test... MAYBE there is no baby and he is curious to know...

Maybe she went swimming in the same pool as him


FFS ppl!!! post #11 say Troll? I'd say yes couple of the posters are trolling and none seam to be able to answer. So here I am still wondering, cos we are having a baby and I'd be interested in knowing.

I dont give a flying f.... what's his history is I just want to know.

sry low blood sugar makes me really kranky


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Another 'father' who got away it would seem.


I think that would be "sperm donor", if he is the father of the child.

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