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this guy is hilarious and he gets it spectacularly wrong not just sometimes, but every time.


Cebu city is like Chiang Mai, Thailand. Though it does deserve it's tag line of 2nd city of the nation state to which it belongs, that doesn't mean it's the second largest metropolitan area - it is not, either in area, or by population size. Chiang Mai is the second city of Thailand, for cultural reasons not size, as in the old days Chiang Mai was the capital city of a rival kingdom to Siam, Lanna, now incorporated into Thailand, and quite recently too, only 107 years ago. Cebu is something like this.


the largest metro area outside Luzon, by both area and population size, is Davao, not Cebu, just like the largest metro area outside Bangkok in Thailand, is not Chiang Mai.


For as far as I know, you've only been exploring the cheap hotel rooms in these areas, nothing more.


Metro Davao is bigger in land size but most of it is rural land with only chickens and coconut trees to be seen. Cebu is more developped than Davao, by any means. I have yet to see highrise office buildings, condominiums and hotels in Davao.


If you really hate Cebu that much, why are you even on this forum?

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There is so much wrong with that I don't know where to begin. But just to clear up the worst part of it. English is hands down the most important language in the RP, particularly if you want a job.

Considering it is the first language (Cebuano) children learn in their homes, from the time they are born, I don't see that happening. But, you and I will be long dead and rotting in our graves, if it

LOL. Well, I wonder how many of us are going to be around when that day comes? I would say, pretty much no members of this forum, OR their children, or their children's children. So, isn't that point


However, in provincial areas, I have known a number Filipinos who are not much on communicating in Tagalog, because they rarely have used it since leaving high school. They do, however, understand it completely, because they watch many shows that are in Tagalog. Very few are in Cebuano, although they do exist.


-With my experience here in Cebu, yes, there are few people who understands Tagalog but feels shy and conscious with their ability to speak it fluently that they just opt to respond in their local dialect but once both parties realizes that they're having a hard time communicating, the Cebuano speaker will try to spill some Tagalog words and I would sometimes try to speak in Cebuano with all the funny diction and sounds that I make that makes them laugh.




But when I was travelling with my Tagalog friend, she talked to everyone in Tagalog, and many would just reply in Cebuano, she would have to ask to speak Tagalog


- I have not experienced that much difficulty in communicating using Tagalog here in Cebu. I noticed that the first reaction if they talk to me in Cebuano and tell them I'm Tagalog, they would always give me the "ay tagalog di'ay ka?" response. Then the fun begins. Unless the people are snobs. But really don't know though with your friend's experience.

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Cebu is definately the 2nd Metro area of the Philippines, no doubts.


Some people even claim that Davao is the "biggest city in the world", one has to be retarded to believe that, right udonthani?

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Cebu is tiny. I'm not sure

That's not entirely accurate. The people of Manila (and the MMA) tend to call ANYWHERE outside the MMA, "the provinces". They do so in a disparaging tone, because they look down on many people in other parts of the country.


For example, in Cebu, you would call a woman "Dai". It would be toward a younger woman you know, a younger woman who works for you, etc. It could also be meant as a term of endearment toward your wife or girlfriend.


In Manila, they would call a person of lesser social rank by using the same word. This would be stated to a maid, for example.


Cebuanos use that word to summon a waitress in a restaurant all the time, I know I do, or to get someone's attention in an unoccupied sari who is in the back, and I've also seen you yourself using that form of address to summon a waitress in a restaurant. Manilans aren't always from Manila anyway, not sure what the proportion is that were born outside the NCR and immigrated, but it's going to quite high out of the working population, maybe half. After 20 years in Manila, doesn't matter where you are from, EVERYWHERE is going to seem like the province. Cebu city itself will, even if you are from there yourself. Manila is like any other big city, people are stressed, they're short of time, people say this sort of thing about the inhabitants of big cities everywhere. It's common for people living in London to look down in some ways on the inhabitants of provincial cities, and with some justification. The provincial cities haven't got anything like the same level of amenities. But this idea that the inhabitants of Manila are like some sort of a nasty tribe won't wash, because a lot of them weren't born in Manila - they just speak Tagalog all the time, like my friend who when she was young and before she moved, spoke Masbate dialect 95% of the time. Now she speaks Tagalog, 95% of the time. She hasn't become a different person, just because she speaks Tagalog now and not Masbateno. She's got a better job than she could have got if she had stayed in Masbate - or Cebu for that matter.

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my wife and her friends all call each other dai all the time

in a buddy buddy sort of way

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it's kind of a funny situation in the Philippines when you go to an unoccupied sari, where you need to summon the male or female in the back of the shop to get some service, who you just don't know if they are male or female, how old they are, etc, seeing as you've never been to that particular sari before and you have no idea who works there. It's all about inflection. I would speak quite loudly in that situation, seeing as the invisible person, could be 30 feet away from me for all I know, and also use an inquisitive tone.

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