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Taking Single Filipina to Hong Kong – Her first time out-of-country

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Last November I met a girl's dad who was just a few weeks younger than me, the girl was 21. That had never happened before.


despite what you thought, your age is not static :)

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Maybe he isn't looking for a banquet because he already has his favorite food with him. Your question is like asking a guy why he would take his wife on vacation with him when there are already plenty

you prolly will if you spell it that way on the forms

Ian?   Is this the predatory look you are talking about?   Oh, sorry, you meant the old men with that look.   Apologies.

I see plenty of griping Ian, on a subject that is not allowed to be talked about.
No use discussing the rules to whippy. He's completely above the rules of this site. He's broken them all repeatedly and yet here he is to break them again and again. I wonder why there are rules here.
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obviously if you are over sixty five and basically look to them like you might keel over at any minute, whilst she is in the absolute total prime of life at 22 years of age, they're going to think, hang on a minute there might be something funny going on here.


as indeed they easily might anywhere else, in any airport or customs, anywhere. Just because you've brainwashed yourself that it's normal, doesn't mean all that many other people have.

Good point,I seem to forget about that difference even we live in the USA now.But of course I am only 59 and she is a mature 23/maybe no so much difference to notice?
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