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Urijah Faber / Renan Barão - #149 Sunday


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YEP,the UFC had some HELLIFIED cards planned for the summer.Injuries and some PUNK-OUTS,I still think Bisping is scared of Boetsch,took most of the cards down to snoozers!!! too bad,but there aren't many fights upcoming that I really want to see.Vera vs.Shogun?PLEASE.....Machida vs.Bader is a better match,but how 'bout Evans vs.Machida 2?seeing Guillard get choked is always funny too,but what else?

Jones vs.Hendo?? sure I will watch but only a fix could save Hendo from a KO.MENDES VS.ALDO 2,w/no fence grabbin by Aldo next time,would be a fight to look forward to.ALDO was going to get beat up by some G&P and he knew it and that is why he ,lucky for him,grabbed the fence.Mendes KO'd that McKenzie clown in a hurry and wants ALDO again.Condit vs. GSP? I am falling asleep already.Edgar vs.BENSON,AH-GAIN...SO WHAT????middle-weight looks like the divison for some good brawls.Belcher vs. Weidman will be a good fight to see and BIG COUNTRY VS.ANYONE is always good to see.OH yeah,and when Velazquez gets JR. on the matt,big foots beating is gonna look lame.IF Cain can get it to the ground. not much else comin up,unless I IS UN-AWARE.Where are the Diaz bros?


Bisping vs Boetsch : Bisping is the biggest p*ssy in mma, I hope Stann cripples the @#$$ot @ 152

Vera vs Rua : I will be looking for what most people consider a big upset > betting on the truth

Machida vs Bader : Should be interesting, I have no clue who wins this

Guillard vs Cowboy : If Melvin were to beat Cerrone, there would be an immediate investigation (Colorado has enuff problems)

Jones vs Henderson : Bones needs to end this early

Mendes vs Aldo ll : Betting on Money .... again :-(

Condit vs GSP : GSP is the 2nd biggest p*ssy in all mma, the NBK will put an end to this gay-farce

Edgar vs Bendo ll : Betting on Edgar in a parlay w/ Herman & Okami (Herman over Shields is a moneymaker)

Belcher vs Weidmann ? : With the demise of Hector, Weidmann might get Anderson next

Nelson vs TBN : Nelson & Carwin are the TUF coaches for #16

Velasquez vs dos Santos : Cain was KO'd in one minute of the 1st round in a 5rd title-match, if Rosenthal was reffing ...

he'd still be in the recovery room . I would rather see Cigano vs Cormier or some other top talent from Strikeforce -

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If I was back in the USA and I'd bought the PPV, I would feel like I got ripped off. Definitely a snoozer from my prespective. The only fight that was moderately interesting was Faber vs. Barao.


I'm looking forward to seeing Machida fight Bader on Aug. 4 though. Gotta have something to look forward to.


I either feel like partying after a good UFC event, .. or I feel very empty after a shit-show like #149 -


Bader will be the aggressor & the Dragon will try to counter-punch, really tough call considering they've

both come up short in the "Big Show" ...

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