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Wrong Stamp In My Passport

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Put your story and your desire to change the erronously give status into a letter and when they still refuse to change your status, have it signed by them. Ask kindly for an appointment with the Commi

When my wife and I were leaving for Singapore via Cebu we were told by a immigration desk guy to come back to his desk on our return and he would give us a years visa for a similar amount! Highly ille

You do not have to leave when the stamp expires. Just stay. On the date it expires, that will start your "tourist visa" stay, automatically. Within the next 21 days, go to your nearest BOI office and


I agree..The Cebu/Mandaue office does not ask to see an onward ticket when extending..but the lady on the desk will keep approving extensions past 16 months..I went 20 months before a man was on the desk and caught it and I had to go in the office to be approved for one more month and told I had to leave for a day and return..Thats when all of this nightmare began

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Well, I have to go and extend before the end of this month, so I'll find out then. It does seem to be what happens on the day, and who you appear in front of.


Personally I believe a better solution would be proof membership of a good health insurance scheme, and possibly a bond equal to the amount it costs to fly back to Country of origin.


Although having seen the state of some of the 'extenders' in immigration, they probably couldn't even afford such a bond! Some wear rags I wouldn't hand over to a charity shop. Takes all sorts I suppose.

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