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Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen ll / UFC 148 - Sunday


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. I look for Griffin to fight again, even though he isn't getting any better at it.


How about Griffin vs Gustaffson or Thiago Silva ?

This isn't REALLY real fighting, it's more of a calculated competition among established fighers at the level of the UFC.


Menjivar vs Easton was a good example of that ...

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lol - I see what you did there !  

If Sonnen manages to win, it will cause some chaos in the division. The belt will probably get passed around rapidly as Sonnen has zero submission defense, and there are a few good submission guys han

I was simply shocked that Sonnen was able to land some crude basic 101 punches on the Spider, which opened a lot up for him the rest of the way, and I do not see that happening again this fight. Of co

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