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What do you military retirees use for mail service in Davao?

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Does hate mail count as fan mail ?


Well i count it as fan mail. :biggrin_01::rofl:

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RAO Manila has a service for its members that might work. Join RAO Manila. http://manilarao.org/ :link:

You can then have them forward your mail to you by LBC. You have to deposit an amount of money to cover the LBC fees, but you can still have an FPO address. You decide how often you want your mail sent to you. I know a couple of retirees who do that and they are pleased with the service.



You may also be able to set this up with RAO Cebu. The LBC charges might be less from Cebu to Davao and since the Cebu office is a little less busy, you could probably call and see what you have and decide if it's worth sending or not. Of course, you can always pick it up if you have occasion to be in Cebu.

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