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SOS_ Philippines + Red Cross + Blood Supply Information


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First, if you are living in the Philippines, and are willing to help others in any urgency concerning life threatening situations regarding needing blood, plasma, platelets, etc., please join the SOS_Philippines Yahoo Group:


SOS_Philippines Yahoo Group Join Link


Please note, the group is not for general discussion, but for urgent message posting and critical information which may help save lives. Due to this, there are few messages posted on the group. So, please set your email settings for "Individual Emails" so that you will receive urgent notices as quickly as possible.


I have just posted a message to the group, asking members if they would look up the information for their local Red Cross offices and email it to me, directly. I will begin adding this information to a database on the group, so others will be able to access it as needed.


If you can help us gather this information, please do.


Now, before anyone says, "Google it, Paul," I want to say that website information can be outdated or inaccurate for any number of reasons. If we all find the current data on our local offices, this will help stop delays in getting blood where it needs to be, possibly helping save someone's life.


Here is the website for the Red Cross of the Philippines: http://www.redcross.org.ph

Here is a partial list of the current locations throughout the country, so you can check this against your data to verify accuracy: http://www.redcross.org.ph/Site/PNRC/Chapters.aspx


Feel free to post the information directly on this thread, or email it directly to me, at: paul @ kitakits.com or cebu @ livingincebu.com with "Red Cross Information" in the subject line of your email.


Thanks for your assistance in this matter,

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I found out awhile ago any veteran stationed in Europe in the 80's-90's is prohibited from donating blood because of the mad cow meat in the UK.




The irony is they sent us UK and German meats because not a single Italian meat processing facility passed FDA standards at the time.

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