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Overstaying by 1 day - to change my flight or not?

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i dont think that matters much to most posters !! :ROFLMAO:


yeah now it should really pick up

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You are quite correct, and I find that the best way to treat these 'functionaries' is to be UBBER polite and let them realise that they are massively important, and that I am submissive and hugely gra

My personal experience of a 1-day overstay was in Manila about 8 months ago. I did not notice it until the immigration officer pointed out to me. He told me to pay the penalty (I think it was PHP3k or

I do not doubt your personal experience but if someone else had the same official on the same day when that official was in a more foul mood, then they would have a different experience. Seldom do tw


Finally going to make a trip to Cebu, November timeframe after my work contract ends. Plan to buy a R/T ticket with a return date of 3 months out. Is that still ok to do these days? I do plan to get the proper extensions. And to get the '38 day' right there at the airport I assume.

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Immigration fee's are every 2 months, so stay just under 2 months (59 days) or just under 4 months is what I would do


Immigration fee's http://immigration.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=118&Itemid=43


notice the I-Card for Tourist 50 USD + Express fee 500 PHP so the extension after 59 days is a bit expensive

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