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How do you learn Cebuano?

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Hi Everybody,

Since my name was mentioned I thought I'd give my two cents. The Essential Cebuano course is a 177 page ebook with audio and video files. It's core is ten dialogues centered around common situations you'll have here in the Philippines, ie. In the market, at someone's house, in a restaurant, etc. There are lots of lists of vocabulary words and phrases. The Gold package, which includes all the audio and video files is $97 and the Silver Package is $47. It comes with a 30 day %100 money back guarantee, no questions asked...meaning if you don't like it, just request a refund..pretty simple. I don't know any car dealer where you can try out the car for 30 days then return it and get all your money back, do you? I have sold, to date, about 200 courses and only 1 person asked for a refund, after a couple of hours. He said "Rosetta Stone is better." (I didn't know Rosetta Stone had a Cebuano course) Actually he didn't have to give any explanation. I just replied "no problem" and gave him his money back. On the other hand, I've had TONS of compliments. The website has the Table on Contents, samples of the audio and video files and other info. Some people suffer from "analysis paralysis" and never take action. If you want to learn Cebuano, get the course. If you don't like the course, you'll get your money back, no problem! Sounds like a no-brainer to me :=)


I'll give it a try. Can you PM me your email and contact info?

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First of all, you'd better really want to learn the language, otherwise it's just not going to happen. By that I mean planning on investing a lot of time and effort, and work at it every day. Initiall

One of the best ways to learn Cebuano, after you have some basic knowledge of it, anyway, would be to live in a rural part of Cebu, where few people speak English at all. Trust me, if you are patient

Os and Us are pretty interchangeable because Cebuano had no O originally (or C or B or V or Z) and it is a spoken language though there are some efforts to come up with a grammar book so there can be

I'll give it a try. Can you PM me your email and contact info?


All you need to do, is click here ----> on this link

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He said "Rosetta Stone is better." (I didn't know Rosetta Stone had a Cebuano course)


Rosetta Stone has only Tagolog, Not Bisaya (Cebuano). I have the Rosetta Stone Tagolog course and I think it is very good way to learn, but unfortunately, it does not have all the dialects of the Philippines.

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