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Opinions on Filipino Cupid as a place to meet girls?

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It's this kind of thinking that makes me wonder how Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, George Washington, Winston Churchill, and others chose thier wives? What "checklist" did they use?




I'm just talking someone from a decent private school, attend a decent college and did an ok job, finished or at least moved over to a consistent stable career. Does her own things is just in general a mature independent filipina. Someone that can take care of themselves and that you don't have to teach much or babysit. I don't think that that's much to ask for or difficult to find.


I never said..........I WANT TO MARRY A #1 ranked Ateneo Grad in International Foreign Policy and directing a MULTINATIONAL PINOY CORP.



Seriously you're just being an ass now.

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There are a bunch of older threads about this very issue but I'm not sure those answers are any better than the ones you are getting here.   Having been active on both Filipino Cupid and Cherry Blos

While you are correct that getting to know a potential wife/gf is essential, none of this has anything to do with whether you meet online or not. Whether you meet her at the mall, in church, on a stre

His list is similar to my requirements when looking at blossoms.com and I found my fiance there quickly. I did avoid the 18-20y/o's altogether. One other thing I did was I didn't put my pic on my prof


I think it's worth drawing a distinction here.

The site that asks for the money to send and receive letters is a total scam. You never get the Ladies contact details and they never get yours. Even the letters or E-mails sent back to the men are written by the staff at the office. The men only meet the women at their Organised events at Big expense. The Filipina Cupid site at least puts you directly in touch with a lady, and it is up to the individual to distinguish between who is genuine and who is not. But as with all cultures and people, there are good and bad amongst them all. For sure there are some very nice genuine ladies on the Filipina Cupid site, but it is quite a challenge to work through it all I guess. Just my opinion of course.

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