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...And You Wonder Why Your Internet Is Slow?

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The Philippines is just pathetic.






PHL has 2nd slowest web loading speeds


April 21, 2012 7:53am





The Philippines may have the world's second slowest average online loading speed on desktop computers, according to search giant Google.


A report on Bloomberg cited Google's findings showing the Philippines' 15.4-second loading time was second only to Indonesia's 20.3-second time.


Bloomberg said Google's findings found the Slovak Republic the fastest in terms of loading web pages at 3.3 seconds, with South Korea second at 3.5 seconds.


The rest of the top 10 in terms of speed included (http://go.bloomberg.com/tech-blog/2012-04-19-whos-fastest-google-measures-web-speeds-around-the-world/):

  • Czech Republic (3.7)
  • Netherlands (3.9)
  • Japan (4)
  • Denmark (4.3)
  • Switzerland (4.3)
  • Sweden (4.5)
  • Belgium (4.6)
  • Norway (4.8)


On the other hand, the bottom 10 in desktop speeds included:

  • Chile (10)
  • Colombia (10.2)
  • Peru (11.7)
  • Brazil (11.8)
  • Argentina (12.8)
  • Malaysia (14.3)
  • Venezuela (14.9)
  • India (15.1)
  • Philippines (15.4)
  • Indonesia (20.3)


In terms of mobile Internet, South Korea had the fastest connection, with pages loading in 4.8 seconds, followed by Denmark at 5.2 seconds.


Hong Kong was third (5.9), Norway fourth (6), Sweden fifth (6.1); followed by Estonia (6.2), Czech Republic (6.3), Japan (6.4), Romania (7.5), and Slovak Republic (7.6).


The slowest in mobile speeds was the United Arab Emirates, with an average loading time of 26.7 seconds. Those with the slowest mobile web loading times include:

  • Malaysia (12.7)
  • Indonesia (12.9)
  • Singapore (12.9)
  • Mexico (14.1)
  • Brazil (15.8)
  • Argentina (16.3)
  • India (16.4)
  • Thailand (17.4)
  • Saudi Arabia (21.2)
  • United Arab Emirates (26.7)


Bloomberg said Google measured Web page load speeds on desktop computers and mobile devices in 50 countries with the fastest Internet connections earlier this month.


"The United States, meanwhile, was somewhere in the middle. On the desktop, it took an average of 5.7 seconds. On a mobile device it took 9.2 seconds to load, which for many folks here, feels like an eternity," it said. — ELR, GMA News

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Before I left the Philippines, I had a connection that was 4 Megabits, but I had two ISPs in order to get that much speed.


Here in Thailand, I have 8 Megabits where I am currently staying, via one provider, and it is quite good.

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The stats are quite skewed how many are on mobile internet using a desktop?

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I'm surprised they havent started an ad campaign saying that people in western countries suffer too much stess from living too fast a life style so they have purposefully slowed the internet here so that people will appreciate life more in the Phil !



mmmm maybe i can sell that idea to Smart !

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You can sum up the real reason for their present broadband woes, in just two words.




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