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Short of buying a hybrid VOIP/PSTN equipment for my Skype and landline, could anyone suggest some way to use my existing PSTN speaker-phone (came with Globe internet) , Globe Internet, Air Station and perhaps adding some inexpensive hardware to make it a computer-less dual-line (Skype and landline) telephone set?


I like to have a speaker phone capability on both… TNX :rolleyes:

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You need a PTSN Voip adapter that you can program in a SIP or Skype account or you need a router that has a PTSN voip port. So you can plug that phone in. Something like this and they are in the Philippines.



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The big problem with Skype is they dont use SIP or any VoIP Standards, it is totally proprietary.




SIP to Skype gateway breaks Skype's Great Wall of VoIP



February 6, 2006



Dal over at Asterisk VoIP News forwarded me an interesting link last week on a project he's been working on that creates a gateway between Skype and Asterisk or any SIP-based client. As most techies know, Skype uses a proprietary protocol and does not support inbound SIP calls. If you ask Skype CEO, Niklas Zennstrom why Skype chose their own proprietary protocol, (which many reporters have asked him), he always gives the same canned reply - that they chose their own proprietary protocol because SIP doesn't do everything they need, SIP has issues traversing firewalls, our proprietary protocol is more flexible, blah blah blah.


Even though there are now NAT traversal solutions for SIP that perhaps didn't exist a couple of years ago, Skype still hasn't moved to SIP and it doesn't look like they will. Certainly now Skype has little to no incentive to move to SIP since they are "top dog" in VoIP and would probably rather have their own "VoIP walled garden" to keep competitors out and also force their customer base to use their revenue-generating SkypeOut service. Well, according to Asterisk VoIP News, Skype's Great Wall of VoIP has been cracked!




What you would need is a Skype Gateway


See http://www.voip-info.../Skype Gateways




Searches related to skype gateway


skype video gateway

skype gateway without pc

skype phone gateway

skype pbx gateway


skype voip gateway

gizmo skype gateway

pstn skype gateway

skype gateway hardware

Thos looks interesting on Amazon .com and considerably cheaper than most Skype Gateway Hardware

(No idea if it ir works as described however


(Edit: Needs PC with USB - probably replaces USB Skype handset or USB Headphones/Mic would need PC on and running Skype I expect):-





Product Features and Technical Details


Product Features


  • Continue to make and receive regular calls as you normally do / Make and receive Skype calls using your standard telephone
  • Forward Skype calls to your mobile phone / Make Skype calls from your mobile phone even when you are away from your computer
  • Switch between a Skype call and a regular phone call / Make 3-way conference call between PSTN and Skype
  • Manage Skype voice mail in regular phone / Answering Machin

Technical Details


Product Description

This AU600 is the latest USB interface voice gateway. It supports call transfer between Skype and PSTN and secondary dialing. This AU600 enables ordinary desktop telephone to dial and receive Skype calls. When the user is not available, AU600 can forward SKYPE call to mobile phone or any other specified number. With AU600 installed on your computer (at stand-by mode), the user can use mobile phone to dial pre-set user on Skype.

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