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Reloading Windows 7

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software such as 3d home designer delux, mgi photosuite, both have issues in 64 bit, they will run bur are unstable


If they run but are unstable, that almost surely means they have (latent) bugs that didn't get fixed yet, maybe illegal calls to the GDI or 3D subsystems or something like that, because all the API calls are the same. Basically, they are already broken, and would probably show the errors in a 32 bit environment too, given the right drivers and so on, but they just happen to work in a specific 32 bit system.


The other scenario is that they violate security guidelines (oops, naughty them) and the 64 bit kernel is enforcing things the way the 32 bit kernel always should have been.

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I think Microsoft have their own Virtual Machine and an XP Virtual Drive that you can grab for free.




Microsoft's free XP Mode (32-bit Windows XP) requires Windows 7 Pro, Ultimate, or Enterprise. However, if you have an XP CD it can be installed using Virtual PC.

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Well, thanks, guys… I tried to update the installer and used the compatibility mode but neither worked… somewhere in the CBT or installer, I saw a reference to 16-bit but I don’t recall where or which one.


Downloaded the Virtual Machine but I have NO idea how to use it and the time is up. :) I need to “pre-study” so I am using a small screen laptop.


Will see what the support guys would tell me once I get there onsite (no 24/7 support)… :)

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Now back to the original topic. Did you get a reinstall of windows 7?

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