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A newbie but it feels great to be apart of good place to live..

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Hi everyone,


my name is Roger and i joined up to the forum yesterday. I hope all are enjoying the easter break and spending time with family. I have gotten to know someone special to me over a year since shifting to Perth and do enjoy spending time with her and her three children when i can get away to Cebu. Its a great nieghbourly feel in the estate kinda reminds me of how a small town New Zealand used to be.. but im still learning and understanding the ways. ;)


I presently live in Perth, Western Australia and have been here a year. I came across from Christchurch, New Zealand the very day before the 2nd large earthquake to strike christchurch to make a fresh start over the tasman. I am a truck driver and with recently updating my dump truck licence i hope to get into the mines so i can spend more regular time in Cebu.


cheers Roger

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