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Tablet or Laptop

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So which would you get?


A MSI computer MSI CR420X-P65





Samsung Galaxy Note 7"





The primary use is to do one thing Surf the web. Maybe a few notes or hiccups. Which would get better use and which is better for this application.

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I would never go with a tablet if it's my only device.

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If its just surfing then a tablet.


A Samsung Galaxy Note is not just a 'Tablet', but a 'Cell Phone' as well!


What I really like about such Galaxy Note is that Stylus feature!


Working in the UK in what, 1988, I bought a Palm PA (and later a Handspring (when the touch screen on the Palm failed outside of Warranty). It was that Stylus thing with its ability to take Notes and add Notation, is what I liked about it more than anything (along with the huge Library of FREE information for download as 'Notes')


Samsung Galaxy Note, can't really be compared to a Laptop (or a Notebook, or a Netbook), as they usually can't make Phone Calls (other than Soft SIP Phones or Skype applications etc usually).


When I worked as Engineering Manager - Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong, the Laptop my Company provided me with, was a Toshiba Satellite Pro 4080XCDT

and was 'State of the Art' technology at that time (1998).


There was no such thing as 'Tablet PC's back then, or Touch Screen Cell Phones of any type.


By today's standards, that Toshiba Satellite Pro 4080XCDT cant 'hack it' any more, due to its crap Memory size, and tiny HDD size. so has bevome obsolete.


Even Mobile phones from 1998, if still working, can still make Phone Calls!


So my point is whilst the amazing features of todays Galaxy Note may seem outdated or even obsolete in 12 years time. provided such Galaxy Note is still working and functional, it can probably still make Phone Calls, Browse the Web, Check Facebook, send and receive e-mails and read e-Books, view and create Spreadsheets, Word Documents and PowerPoint Presentations etc.


Like my Laptop of 1998 can still do many of those Applications under WIN98SE, it can't do Bluetooth, or WiFi (without USB dongle adapters), it is the memory limitiations (192MB MAX) an HDD Capacity (6.4GB), that is the biggest handicap to OS upgrade (except for something like Puppy Linux).

You would not be faced with such problems in 10 -12 Years time with a Samsing Galaxy Note I would think as it has a lot more Memory capability today, that should stop it becoming as obsolete as that Win98SE based Toshiba Satellite Pro 4080XCDT.


Things like the addition of 32GB MicroSD Memory Cards and up to 32GB Internal Memory, and Android OS for a start, stop it becoming as obsolete as that Tosh!


However, it is the ability to continue working as a cell phone, that should stop the Samsung Galxy Note becoming as obsolete as the best Laptops on the market today are likely to be in 12 years time, if they are still working!


My Nokia Cell Phone that I was using from 1998 was still working (until it went missing along with another of other things in this house lst year and my Sony Ericsson?)

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Do both:


Windows 8 tablet like Acer iconia (w500) or Samsung 7 slate. The iconia is a great deal.

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I just opted for a two in one. as a second machine,

managed to pick up a second hand acer tablet pc C300, it runs windows xp tablet pc edition, which i needed for some of the older software which struggles or refuses to run on my 64 bit windows 7


It opens up like a laptop, but then the screen swivels around and lays back onto the keyboard and make a 14" tablet, best machine i ever used,

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