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Help: identify good translator English-Visayan Cebu/Davao

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Can anyone identify a competant translator for translation of an English 1-2 page document into Visayan language? This will be for use after I arrive in couple of months.


Prefer Davao located translator office, but Cebu o.k. if no info from Davao residents.


Would like professional quality level such as Consulate would recommend if such a Consulate existed there and put out such lists (such as Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand used to make available).



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If you are stuck, you can try contacting University of San Carlos, Cebu City, the Sugbuanon Dept/Cebuano Studies Centre and asked their help or point you to the right direction.


Alternatively, you can contact the Phil Education Dept – Cebu, Region 7, who have close working relationship with “Akademiyang Bisaya.


Here is a link that you could enquire as well:-




(note to Admin: if the this link is not allowed my apologies)

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I would suggest, if you need it in "proper" Cebuano, to give Sem Villar a call: 0949-450-1625


He is in the Cebu area.

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If you want it done in Davao i can probably set you up with your choice of attorneys who will do it for a bottle of black label ! [ both Ateneo grads- both with excellend English skills ]

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