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Smart Bro dongle...2 laptops....

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I have a Smart bro dongle and two laptops, is there any way I can connect both laptops to the internet at the same time and use just the one Smart bro dongle?


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You can find 3G routers here






You can also try read this




maybe that will give you some ideas

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I have exactly the same setup as you. I use the SmartBro Power Plug-it Dongle which works great, including Youtube streaming. I have attached my computer to a Nutech Edimax 3G wifi router (2,000 psos at Cybergate) so now I can work online while my gf indulges in her facebook on her laptop with no discernible impact on speed. This router was specifically recommended by a very clued-up guy at Smart PLDT on Jones and he has always been bang on the money. I did try a cheapo CDR-King router but it would not recognise the smart stick when tested in the store. So I walked over to the laptop store in Rbinsons Cybergate and got the recommende one. Works like a dream!

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