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I would also suggest to look at samsung laptops, they are putting out some top quality ones that are better priced and very reliable, well made. better to pay a couple of hundred more for a known brand than some obscure Chinese brand that will be gone within 6 months with no warranty :lol:

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Any i3 notebook should be fine for your purpose. I suggest getting one with dedicated video memory rather than shared system memory. Interesting to see there are still XP sp3 devotees out there. Ki

I bet there are companies that still need to run CPM. I know there are companies that still use mainframes that use VM, MVS and even TPF. Sometimes a company cannot successfully migrate. Over the y


I bet there are companies that still need to run CPM.


I developed software (modules) that literally runs on 100s of millions of Windows computers, and still had to sometimes make a Novell Netware fix nearly a decade into the 21st century. Big businesses don't buy computers or desks or staplers or any other office equipment they can't justify as a positive contribution to the bottom line, and that is that. For consumers, it, as you noted, is different.


All the anti-MS adds after Vista shipped were hilarious because it really showed Apple had done a competitive evaluation and could see where the wind was blowing.

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