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Web hosting and Domain Name

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I have been out of the market for this type of product. So if someone can direct me to a reliable CHEAP place I can get a doman and hosting I would be appreciative.



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I had a virtual server with this company for a couple of years, not trouble free, but most the time it worked fine, they changed the support for the virtual servers to be handled by a special group, that helped a lot

I did not try their web hosting


http://www.startlogic.com/ Virtual server http://www.startlogic.com/startlogic/virtualserver.bml


Today I use this one http://www.one.com/en/ very reliable I have had NO problems

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I've always used name.com to buy domains, and you can find coupons for more savings. I would recommend them over GoDaddy any day. They have hosting now but I haven't used them for hosting so I don't know if it's any good.

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I used godaddy until I found out they were pro-sopa. Since I've been looking for a decent quality offshore host to put my domains out of the reach of the US authority. No such luck.


For hosting, you want something for yourself, like a virtual or dedicated server. If you use a shared hosting environment (specially to sell a product) bad things can and will happen. A shared environment is only as secure as it's most secure client. Meaning, if some idiot installs bad web portals (forums, etc) on the machine next thing you know a hacker is rooting through all the files in the system. If a web app is hacked, it's able to access the local file system as the user that is running the http server. Since your files need to be accessible by the HTTP server, (including your database configuration files), they too can access your files. They're able to scan your database configuration files and obtain access to your database hosting your own sales portals/panels.


You can get a virtual server for like 15-20$/mo. You can get your own dedicated server starting at like 100$/mo (it really just depends on the level of quality and the server configuration.). But you also need some level of linux administration ability; or you can just as easily be hacked on your VPS or dedicated server.


For a host check out www.ayksolutions.com they should be able to supply you with either a VPS or a Dedicated server for a reasonable rate. I've known the owner for several years, and use him myself.

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Will most of your traffic be Asian or U.S. (other) based?

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