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streaming to your tv

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My wife likes watching Filipino movies and tv. Usually she watches it on our laptop. How can I have it streamed to the TV?


Do I need a Boxee? What do you suggest? Or would a samsung internet tv work?


One of the sites we go to is



Thanks Darren

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I use a tiny bobcat based PC as a set top box to run netflix.

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this totally depends on the outputs on the Laptop. Also your ports on the TV matter. Newer TV's have HMDI and VGA. So if you have VGA or HMDI on both TV and Laptop just get the cable and plug up. Otherwise read on.


Some newer laptops have a HMDI slot then you just need a connector to connect that to the computer


Older laptops have a Svideo port. Depending on your TV you need a Svideo cable or a Svideo to composite (RCA).


Then if you have only a VGA port then you need an adapter that will port that out. It will convert that signal to composite (RCA).


Then if you have a really old laptop it will have a composite (RCA) port.


It is fairly simple. Just take the Audio jack convert to RCA (red and white). They sell many adapters for that. Then convert your video out to RCA (yellow). Now you have three RCA plug into TV

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I was interetsted in the HMD1 slot I have a cable connected from pc to TV on this and when i use chanel selction nothing comes through My VGA cable is good to go but not the other one, wonder why?

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