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id like that sky cable can show italian soccer (one time there was ben sport) and id like to know if in sky cable its possible to watch SHOWTIME BOXING-HBO BOXING??!!

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I've had no problems until I read this post now I'm missing half the channels and some are all over the place, thanks a lot.

We all know if you live here, that "acceptance of mediocre service is to be expected." Just another example. My girls just left and my red horse is cold. That disclaimer covers the entire RP, for e


So basically all the cable tv options suck here, why am I not surprised with that conclusion? Rhetorical question of course. :P

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File this under the "annoying" category. I'm just venting a little.


How many out there think that Skye cable stepped into a big pile of digital excrement before they were ready? I'm tired of the "no signal. stop service" screen coming up all too frequently. The picture freeze that happens every 5 minutes or so. I'm tired of the programming that changes weekly. I'm tired of the same show being played 12 times in 2 days. I'm tired of shows that start at odd times. 4:40 rather than 4:30 and such....etc.


This morning I wake and I'm watching a favorite show of mine when the signal is lost. This happens almost daily, most certainly weekly. I wait a couple of minutes for it to return. Finally I disconnect the input cable from the digibox and connect directly to the TV. This is something I have to do quite often. Now all the channels are out of the order they had been. Channel 38 is now Skye sports when it had been StarWorld just 5 minutes ago. I'm not getting my movie channels along with some of the basic service channels. I have to surf ALL the channels to see what's on. It's gone beyond ridiculous. Cable TV should have competition beyond satellite. Satellite doesn't do it for most apartment dwellers.

I can relate to this ^

When we upgraded to "Digi-box" (actually a down-grade in pic-quality) ... I was told to use the RCA jacks rather than the coaxial cable connection because of incapatibility issues w/

their fiber-optic main-line feeding antiquated coaxial neighborhoods . IMO a digital signal (box to tv) should be a component connection (red, blue, green for video) considering it is 2012 .

The bummer for us was that our American Samsung does not have RCA input jacks, only component input .

RCA jacks are inferior & outdated, but obviously the Digiboxes were purchased from a Chinese discount warehouse for pennies on the dollar & are at least 10yrs + old .

When Sky-cable Cebu switched over to Sky-cable Manila a couple weeks ago, we lost our add-on channels & were required to re-apply at the Ayala office w/ an additional monthly fee .

... "WTTP" -

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